JP Hospitality owns and operates a carefully selected diverse portfolio of hotels representing brands including Hilton, IHG, Choice Hotels, Best Western Hotels and Radisson Hotels. We own and operate the company assets with a shared commitment to deliver an exceptional and unique travel experience throughout Virginia and Maryland, with corporate headquarters located in Richmond, Virginia.

Creating memorable experiences that innovate and inspire, JP Hospitality consistently delivers remarkable services showing genuine regard for each and every relationship with uncompromising integrity and hospitality.

Representing the best in each respective discipline, we create value at every hotel we serve, optimizing financial performance throughout our portfolio by combining individualized personal service, investing heavily in human resources and education, infrastructure and providing well maintained hotels.

The company’s guiding principles revolve around a distinctive collaborative culture, promoting best business practices, encouraging creativity and a passion for providing innovative service with dedication and absolute honesty.

Taking visionary steps forward in the hotel industry, JP Hospitality is on a journey with no boundaries and no confinements. Its team of seasoned professionals are down to earth, approachable and deliver immediate impact and growing advantage in a positive engaging culture – a culture which has positioned their distinctive hotels as leaders in each market they serve.

JP Hospitality….Take the Journey